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                    Pole Setting Foam Uses

  • New Poles- transmission and distribution

  • Leaning Poles 

  • Street Lighting Poles

  • Dusk to Dawn Light Poles

  • Gate and Fence Post

  • Highway DOT Sign Post

  • Pad Leveling

Pole setting foam helps save money and increases efficiency. It is a hydrophobic two-part polyurethane foam that expands to fill the void between the pole and hole. Since the foam is hydrophobic, its physical properties will not be affected by wet soil or small amounts of standing water in the hole. Our foam is a low-density, high strength foam that can structurally support the pole. The foam has excellent adhesion to most pole materials. After the foam is mixed it will be at 50% of its full strength within 3 minutes and at 80% within 60 minutes.

Foam Features

  • Expanding foam fills in all voids

  • Environmentally friendly - does not contain CFC's

  • Excellent adhesion on all pole types; wood, concrete, fiberglass, steel, and decorative street lighting

  • Hydrophobic - insensitive to water